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nC is a group of companies. Within the group, it is with confidence we show decades of experience in preparing surfaces, optimizing industrial processes and buildings and maintenance techniques.This is our profound basis from wich we work, on higher reliability, more safety and less cost for assets like ships, plants, engines, machines and buildings for our customers.


We are always looking for innovations for the markets we serve. Or for proven technology that we don't know of. Or distributors who feel the nC approach suits them. Or for manufacturers that want their products to be blend in the EU.

Maybe you are an application specialist engineering company that can help us bringing our manufacturers' products on materials, like ice-blasting did. Or redox. HFO injection. And, and, and.

At nC we do that looking both pro-active as reactive. So if this message appeals to you: Call.


It happened before that a customer of us came with a challenge that needed to be filled in with either a modified product or even a new technique. "Can you keep our metal thickness intact, without removing corrosion by pressure blasting and traditional coating?" was one of those questions. We coped. Together with end-users, raw material producers, blenders, engineers and chemists, the solution was eventually found in nano-based corrosion passivation.


So again. If this message appeals to you: Call.







A smart, extremely easy to implement future orientated catalogue of surface enhancing techniques and additives for citizens, municipalities and companies.

nC Marine

Surface technology and applications specifically developed for maritime issues and environments. For sustainable and profitable shipping.

nC Industrial

Surface technology and applications specifically developed for industrial issues and environments. Reliable and proven technology.

People. Planet. Profit.


nC Surface Technology works with chemical plants, universities, certifying bodies, developers and blenders worldwide. We develop techniques ourselves, but also co-develop with, distribute for and represent manufacturers of cutting edge surface-, nano- and application technology.

Our portfolio consists of tested, verified, validated and certified products.

Proven technology, improving on your QHSE and adding to your bottom-line.




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